what is dotphoton
Your images, lighter than light:
5x more compression without losing quality
Dotphoton is a ground­breaking image compression technology for science, tech and art
We provide image compression solutions to professional customers: software, IP licenses, support and certification.
The number and size of high quality images and video is too large, making handling them difficult, slow and expensive. Transmitting and archiving images is a challenge, especially in fields where the highest image quality must be preserved: aerospace, medical imaging, cinema and photography.

Current compression technology loses quality, meanwhile lossless image compression achieves compression ratios of 1:2 at best.

Our technology achieves high compression ratios without losing quality. Recent insights from the field of quantum information allow us to compress images to a ratio of up to 1:10 whilst conserving the original quality with provably negligible information loss.

what's the difference
We are creating a new standard of imagery

Fields of application
Biomedical imaging
Microscopes, both visible and electron, take images at an alarming rate, which would makes dotphoton technology essential for storage and communication of this data.
Pro Photography
Pro-photographers deal with thousands of photos every week. Transferring, editing, archiving and backing up takes time . Dotphoton speeds-up and simplifies this process.
Aereal imaging
Earth observation data has a market of ~1B/year. Governments spend much more, however, to launch satellites for this purpose. Dotphoton allows to transmit high quality photo and video better than any other format.
Shooting, storing and editing 4K raw video is a challenge.
Dotphoton makes it trivial, and makes editing raw 8K feasible.

Meet the team
We are a team of devoted professionals with years of experience in fundamental physics, product development, IT management and communications.
Dr Bruno Sanguinetti
Founder & Strategy

A true inventor, Bruno has profound knowledge of quantum physics and experience in business development.
Eugenia Balysheva

Driven by enterpreneurial spirit, Eugenia is a professional photographer with past 7 years experience in PR in aerospace and health and beauty industries.
Dr Christoph Clausen

Christoph's deep knowledge of computer science and physics allows him to lead our technical development with confidence.
Boris Verks
Product design

Boris is a product designer with 5 years in major e-commerce and product management. He is helping us shape our product and brand.
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