Reliable image data for AI
Up to 10:1 compression with quality guaranteed
First algorithm designed for machine vision
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Histopathology imaging
Lightsheet microscopy
High-throughput screening
Clinical data management
Hospital digitalization
Raw image compression for machine vision and AI with no quality compromise
Information retention
Dotphoton's patented technology allows to reduce the size of raw image files by up to 10 times and still preserve all image information. The smaller files are guaranteed to be artifact free and are perfectly suitable for both machine vision and human vision.
Interoperability of image data is a critical challenge for maximising image processing profits. Thanks to Dotphoton, your algorithms no longer need to be tuned for particularities of different cameras.
For critical applications
In applications where image data plays a major role in decision making, Dotphoton's unique scientific certification of image information retention allows users to deploy compressed image data with confidence.
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