Why you spend too much on data storage
Current technologies don't allow biochemistry labs to efficiently handle their raw image data. Image compression is either not used at all or reach a maximum ratio of 2:1 at a level where artefacts don't obstruct lab research:
Lossless ZIP compression
While quality remains at the highest level, the compression ratio is still to low to have efficient data management. With Dotphoton Bio, no compromise, best quality and best compression.
JPEG lossy compression
An efficient solution in terms of compression ratio. But this would add artefacts and reduce quality. This would alter diagnostics from human eye and machines.
No compression
You like RAW, we do RAW but lighter! Our compression is better than your camera's defects.
An this is only where troubles begin. It is not hard to handle and store a 10 MB image. But 1 group of researchers generates more than 100 TB a year.
100 TB/year
the avg size of histopathology image now, comprised of 100 images via patching technique
10-30 years
this is how long regular histopathology lab can store images. This obviously makes impossible any long-term research with reproductable results
3 back-ups
current prices for storage solution of histopathology images allow labs to keep 100 images
To sum up – light sheet imaging data storage is a pain in the… neck, rendering medical scientists lose time that could be use for battling the most dangerous threats of humanity.
Dotphoton Bio – conservative yet powerful compression
will let you compress images by up to 80% Compare JPEG and Dotphoton-compressed raw image of the same size: 1 GB (x10 zoom) without losing any scientifically important information
Intrinsic camera measurement uncertainty

Compression quality range calculated for defined parameters of sensor

Original Image data
Dotphoton can be implemented
into your research pipeline where you need it:
Implementing Dotphoton compression
Calibrate sensors
We will calibrate your sensors to define the correct measurements. This can be done on site or sensors could be shipped to our lab.
Test calibration and quality validation
Every lab has its special requirements. To make sure Dotphoton meets your expectations we conduct validation sessions.
Compression customization
At this stage we adjust our algorithms to work properly with any parameters required for your work.
Implement into your pipleline
Dotphoton Bio can be implemented in any part of your process from lab computers to cloud storage.
Let's talk
Michael Desert,
VP Sales
Michael will guide you through your project with Dotphoton.
More applications for Dotphoton raw compression: