Enable AI research in histopathology via raw image compression today

100,000 images with artefacts,
what's your plan?
One of the biggest challenges in histopathology imaging now is dealing with the huge number of images taken with slide scanners. JPEG compression is suitable for just looking at an image, but is problematic when it comes to postprocessing, such as image enhancement, machine learning and AI. Dotphoton makes high-accuracy compression for a medical area that might be a key to fighting the most dangerous challenges of humanity.
10 GB

the avg size of histopathology image now
3 months

this is how long regular histopathology lab can store images. This obviously makes impossible any long-term research with reproductable results
100$=1 img

Storing an image for 30 years, without compression is expensive: 30years x 10GB x 3 backups = 900GB years
1000 slides/day

that's how many images labs generate now
What if we could make your images lighter by up to 80% with all the information intact for further AI analyzes?
Compare JPEG and Dotphoton-compressed raw image of the same size: 1 GB (x10 zoom)
Human and machine eyes
Unlike other compression algorithms, Dotphoton is specifically designed for both human and machine eyes
Works perfectly with your software
Open and process your images in any software that you've used before implementing Dotphoton, like Fiji or NDP.analyze by NanoZoomer.
Dotphoton can be implemented
into your research pipeline where you need it:
Implementing Dotphoton compression
Integrating Dotphoton X into your pipeline consists of four stages:
Calibrate sensors
We will calibrate your sensors to define the correct measurements. This can be done on site or sensors could be shipped to our lab.
Test calibration and quality validation
Every lab has its special requirements. To make sure Dotphoton meets your expectations we conduct validation sessions.
Compression customization
At this stage we adjust our algorithms to work properly with any parameters required for your work.
Implement into your pipleline
Dotphoton Bio can be implemented in any part of your process from lab computers to cloud storage.
Is it easily taken out of their pipelines if smth goes wrong?
For multi-page projects or to navigate within one page
How Dotphoton can guarantee security of information?
We can't! All handling, processing, storing happens on your servers, networks, clouds. Dotphoton can only access general quantitive information: number of images and weight of those images for product management purposes.
What will happen to our x-ray scans if we stop paying for the service?
Nothing. Output images compressed by Dotphoton X will be in the desired format and will be forever handlable for you in any software you preserve. The only thing that will go away is your ability to compress newly added images
Let's talk
Michael Desert,
VP Sales
Michael will guide you through your project with Dotphoton.
More applications for Dotphoton compression: