● Dotphoton Core image compression allows you to improve the performance of your system. Acquire and process raw images up to 10x times faster. Deliver 10x lighter images to your customer
● Thanks to the calibration of your camera or system, both the end-user and the system manufacturer keep their usual workflows and raw file format to faster data handling
Win your market with up to 10x faster raw files
● Solutions for cameras and optical system manufacturers
Dotphoton Core
5:1 – 13:1

typical compression ratio

min compression ratio
≥16 bits

<0.3 bits

information loss per pixel
Various output formats

.tiff, .png, .dng, .jp2000, .dcm
+ Pixel format: raw greyscale, raw CFA (RGB, quad, x-trans etc) multispectral and
hyperspectral (in development)
No artefacts

no block artefacts, no
posterization, no temporal artefacts, no ringing, no contouring, no aliasing, no low-pass filtering.
SNR loss

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