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Still RAW, but up to 10 times lighter RAW
The number and average size of high quality RAW images and videos is constantly growing. Transmitting, archiving and editing these files is getting more challenging and expensive, especially where the highest possible image quality is a must: science, medtech, space, professional photography and cinema.

Current compression technology either achieves compression ratio of 1:2 at best or loses quality.

Thanks to recent insights from the quantum information science, Dotphoton achieves up to 1:10 compression ratio with provably negligible information loss and scientifically guarantees the quality of compression.
Dotphoton-processed images achieve quality compatible with RAW's while preserving JPEG's file size

Dotphoton features scientifically proven image information retention comparing to any other format
Intact image information after encoding
Information lost after encoding
.P — universal RAW image format
.P combines great quality of RAW formats with practicality of today's lossy formats. It is user-friendly and scientifically proven.

Dotphoton certifies the correct implementation of the technology and guarantees the quality of compression
Markets of interest
Biomedical imaging
Biomedical imaging
Microscopes take images at an alarming rate, which makes Dotphoton technology essential for storage and communication of this data.
Pro Photography
Pro Photography
Pro-photographers deal with thousands of photos every week. Transferring, editing and archiving takes time. Dotphoton speeds-up and simplifies this process.
Aerial imaging
Aerial imaging
Dotphoton allows to transmit RAW images over small bandwidth links and to collect 5x more images with the same satellite or drone.
Shooting, storing and editing 4K raw video is a challenge. Dotphoton makes it trivial, and makes editing and transmission RAW 8K feasible.

Dotphoton Team
Eugenia Balysheva
Driven by enterpreneurial spirit, Eugenia is a professional photographer with past 7 years experience in PR in aerospace and beauty industries.
Dr Bruno Sanguinetti
A true inventor, Bruno has profound knowledge of quantum physics and experience in business development.
Dr Christoph Clausen
Christoph's deep knowledge of computer science and physics allows him to lead our technical development with confidence.
Boris Verks
Head of Design
Boris is a product designer with 5 years in major e-commerce and product management. He gives shape to our products and brand.

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